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Software engineering and development

In today's digital world, a good interaction between IT systems and data sources is crucial. This increases the complexity of the software during development and subsequent operation. In addition, security aspects and the target environment must be considered early on, otherwise the awakening will come with extremely high operating costs. 

Our many years of experience in the field of IT operations take these aspects into account and prevent incalculable follow-up costs. Software development is a craft that we already base on a target environment and later operational tools before we start coding. 

A high degree of automation is necessary to achieve high availability and low operating costs. Standard monitoring is no longer sufficient today. Rather, entire process chains consisting of: hardware, middleware, networks, databases, application tokens (ARM) and the functionality of the user GUIs must be monitored. We create these on the basis of open source software in our own development. In this way we achieve a degree of flexibility that significantly reduces operating costs.  ​

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